Lola in London

"The performance of Lola in London by Marta Pequeño was a hypnotic look at a Spanish woman’s relationship with her matador boyfriend. Comic, at times darkly so, this piece showcased Pequeño’s talent and led the audience into a world of passion and violence which ended with a forcefully hard-hitting revelation. " 

-Elke Wiebalck, Everything Theatre

A One-Woman show by Marta Pequeño 

Lola is Spanish. Very Spanish. She is trying to find herself in London but flamenco, tapas, bullfighting and a jealous boyfriend are getting in the way.

"Pequeño manages to convey every second of this sketch with a profound message about stereotypes and the cruel reality of domestic violence, overflowing at all times with humor and charisma." 

-Cristina Lago, La Tundra Magazine

"Pequeño addressed the audience – forthright and without fear [...] exploring big themes while paradoxically employing subtlety." 

-Michael Davis, Female Arts

"I particularly liked ‘Lola in London’ with its mixture of humour, pathos and almost horror as Lola described her life in the Metropolis in great detail, both the good and the bad sides of it." 

-Terry Eastham, London Theatre 1

"The humour of this monologue is established from the outset, as the protagonist dressed head to toe in Seville's finest, announces her heritage. It's a visual gag but one that immediately sets the tone for this short comedy. The story itself uses repetition to make its comic points and Pequeño's delivery - oozing mock-seriousness - ensures that each joke lands on target. There is potential here, not simply as a comedy performer but also as a writer and Lola is a comic creation to match Googie Gomez in terms of versatility." 

-Paul Vale, Theatre critic for The Stage

"Marta is a dynamic performer who engages her audience completely. LOLA IN LONDON is a witty, poignant and seriously funny piece of theatre dealing with the complicated relationship of a man and woman in love. 

I laughed, cried and left wanting to see more from this talented writer and performer." 

-Joan Kane, Theatre director and producer

"Lola is a bold and assured piece that balances humour and drama with thoughtful storytelling. The story of a fierce young Spanish woman in London is delivered with confidence and maturity. Whilst being a solo performance, other characters are rendered with such texture and nuanced performances that you feel all their entanglements. Throughout, it remains a careful blend of humour and seriousness and it's to the credit of Marta's performance that she balances both sides so seamlessly.


I can’t recommend the piece enough. 

Well worth the watch!" 

-Rajee Su, Organiser of Teatro Technis Scratch Night

Lola in London has been consistently performed since it first premiered at the Tristan Bates Theatre in 2014. Since then it has also been performed at Theatro Technis, the LOST Theatre, the Arts Theatre, the Cafeteatret in Oslo (Norway), the White Bear Theatre, the Cockpit Theatre, and finally returning back to the Tristan Bates Theatre in 2016, always receiving great audience response and feedback.

Lola in London is a tragicomic one-woman that plays with Spanish stereotypes while exploring important subjects like domestic violence.

Lola in London is Little Mountain Theatre Company's debut production.

Written, directed, and starring Marta Pequeño.

Ben LaMontagne-Schenck served as assistant director on this piece.


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